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RAW Stones
Raw Crystals are in their natural form and have not been smoothed, polished or altered. Though they are more fragile and can break more easily than other formations, many prefer the look of these Crystals as they would appear raw in their natural habitat. Raw Crystals are great for all spiritual work and are often quite affordable. Crystal Healers considers raw Crystals as most appropriate for healing since they are not disturbed much and they consider them more powerful.

Crystals that have been smoothed or polished from their raw form are usually classified as tumbled Crystals. They have not been carved into any specific form, but are not jagged to the touch. These crystals are usually more affordable and are good for basic crystal use, including grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, feng shui or more. After raw Crystals Tumbles are the most powerful.

Crystals in an Abundance formation are made up of an elongated quartz crystal with smaller crystals clustered around its base. This is a great Crystal to attract abundance to your life (hence its name) and is great for acting as a conduit to your wealth and business Crystals. They are sometime called as Family Crystals too.

Natural points are not necessarily long crystals in a wand-like formation. They are any part of a faceted crystal with a point that has formed naturally, and has not been carved to perfection. These types of Crystals must be used with caution as the point draws energy to the body (when pointed toward a person) or it draws energy away from the body (when pointed away from the body). These properties make it a great tool for cleansing and healing work. And are much helpful in grid making as pointers and connecter Crystals as they connect and moves the energy to the desired space.

The Phantom formation is slightly difficult to find. These crystals have a hazy image within them, although most of the crystal is particularly translucent. This phantom of ghost within the crystal is said to carry a vast array of information for the past, making it a powerful tool for past-like work and healing. Depending on the crystal that the phantom is found within, additional properties will apply. However, any Phantom formation will be a powerful Crystal to shake out your skeletons and pave a healthy path for growth.

A Generator will have six facets (of equal or unequal proportions) that meet into one point. It gets its name for its ability to generate amplified energy, boosting the power of other Crystals, or the Crystal it is made of. This type of formation is also very powerful for charging other Crystals. They are also used to levitate the energy of places and persons with low energy or Aura

These Crystals are elusive because they appear ordinary from the outside. However, when they are opened or broken they reveal a hollow cave with crystals sparkling within. Because of their contained form, geodes have the ability to hold energy within and soften it, allowing it to naturally flow out and disperse evenly. These formations are great for protection or for assisting with healing abusive habits such as alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, shopping addiction, and abusive internal monologues.

Pyramids are Crystals that have been shaped into a point with four equal faceted sides and a square base. These formations are great for warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks within the chakra system. This shape is also a great choice to use in affirmation and manifestation work. The properties of the crystal are amplified in this formation. It is a good choice for healers. Some pyramids are shaped into towers; they'll maintain a pyramid formation's properties.

The circle emits energy evenly from all angles, and the Sphere formation is no different. These are powerful formations and are often used in scrying as a tool to peer into the past and future. Because the shape is even from every possible angle, it is believed that light, energy and time pass through it with no rules or hindrances, hence their scrying abilities. They often have flaws or occlusions within them which help with the scrying process, though they can be quite expensive depending on their size.

This formation works well with grounding energies and intentions since its energy is contained and enhanced evenly within the Crystal. It acts as a foundation to meditation practices and has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. These stacking Crystals are great tools for mindfulness and concentration, especially if you're doing detailed work.
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