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Crystal Destination is a Leading Rock Salt Lamp manufacturers, exporter, trader, importer and supplier in Mysore, We also offer Rock Salt Lamp to Buy Online at Best Price in Mysore. The offered Rock Salt Lamp in Mysore is valued by our patrons for their quality. The complete range of Rock Salt Lamp manufacturered in Mysore with modern techniques under the observation of skilled professionals. The offered Rock Salt Lamp is checked on various parameters by our quality controllers.

Here at Embrace we get asked all the time what are the benefits of having Himalayan Salt Lamps and I find myself always answering with this first… the salt lamp will cleanse and deodorize the air. It is that pure and simple!
I describe it like being at the beach and inhaling all that amazing salt into your body. There is always that feeling of freshness and cleanliness in the beach side air, and so it is with your salt lamp. The salt as this unbelievable way of removing pollen, dust, mildew or mold, cigarette smoke and any other nasties lurking in the air that could cause problems with allergies and pollution.

If you are wondering how this is done it is simpler than you think. When your lamp heats up from being turned on it evaporates water into the air and is very cleverly able to trap any particles of the bad stuff such as smoke or dust back into the salt.
Well that is Mother Nature in her finest working for you!

Health Benefits:
• It is a natural way to cleanse the air at home or in our office as its produces negative ions naturally.
• Helps to sound and healthier sleep
• Relief from headache and migraines
• Stress reliever and relax the body
• Lowers blood pressure and remove toxins from the body
• Speed recovery of skin diseases
• Relief from conditions like asthma, allergy, bronchitis, and respiratory problems
• Improves concentration and an aid for mediation
• Releases positive energy
• Enhance immune system
• Increase work productivity & concentration
• Salt lamps creates relaxed and wellness environment




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