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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

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Crystal Destination is a Leading Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp manufacturers, exporter, trader, importer and supplier in Mumbai, We also offer Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp to Buy Online at Best Price in Mumbai. The offered Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in Mumbai is valued by our patrons for their quality. The complete range of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp manufacturered in Mumbai with modern techniques under the observation of skilled professionals. The offered Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is checked on various parameters by our quality controllers.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer in Mumbai, Himalayan Salt Lamp Suppliers in Mumbai, Himalayan Salt Lamp in Mumbai. Himalayan Salt Is A Only World Natural Rich In Minerals, Pure And Pollutant Free Salt On Our Planet. Many Of Us Live & Work In Surroundings Dominated By New Technology Gadgets Like Computers, Televisions, Microwave Ovens, Mobile Phones And Staying Near Electrical High Tension Lines Transformers, Mobile Towers Which Emits Excessive Amount Of Positive Ions In To The Air We Breathe. This Can Result In Mental Exhaustion And Affect Overall Wellness The Polluted Atmosphere Gradually Destroys Our Lungs And Emf Radiation Always Around Us Is Very Dangerous For Our Health And In Controlling Cancer.

10 Important Benefits Of Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

1) Nature Natural Ionizer to Create Natural Healthy Living Environment. It Can Effectively Improve The Quality Of Air By Producing Quality Wind Energy - "Vitamins Of The Air".
2) Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps Are The Powerful Eliminators Of Negative Energy; The Existence Of Negative Energy In The Rooms Can Be Cleared By Placing The Salt Lamps In All The Corners Of The Room.
3) Relief For People Suffering From Burns, Sinus, Asthma & Other Breathing Disorders.
4) Salt Lamp Ionizing Emits 2500 Negative Ions Into The Air And Destroys Airborne Bacteria And Virus.
5) Minimize The Effects Of EMF Radiation/ Pollution And Smog In The Air.
6) Lamps Can Be Used In Bedrooms/Living Room Or Anywhere Where You Live, Sleep And Work To Get Refreshed Air.
7) Can Use In Offices To Help You To Improve Concentration And Neutralizing The Stress Full Working Environment.
8) It Reduces Fatigue And Counter Electromagnetic Monitor Radiation Coming Out From Computers, Mobile Phones, Televisions And Other Electronic Devices.
9) Lamps Can Also Be Used At Meditation Rooms, Health Centers, Beauty Parlous And Gyms To Create A Calm Mind Relaxing And Invigorating Environment.
10) Reduces Stress & Increase Awareness, Reduces Depression & Morning Sickness.




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