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Every other gemstone that isn't one of those four is considered to be semi-precious stones. The list goes on and on, but some of the more common ones are: alexandrite, agate, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, pearl, peridot, rose quartz, spinel, tanzanite, tourmaline, turquoise and zircon.

This separation between precious and semi-precious has no real scientific backing. For example, emerald is a variety of beryl, so are aquamarines. Emerald is precious while aquamarine is semi-precious. When this categorization came about, it was mainly due to the value and rarity differences between the 4 precious gemstones and the rest. Today some semi-precious gemstones can be worth much more than a precious stone. As an example, many natural pearls garner huge prices, often worth more than a low-quality precious diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire. Spinels are another example. Additionally, many semi-precious stones can be rarer than some of the precious. Demantoid garnets or tsavorite garnets and many other semi-precious gemstones are hard to find, harder to mine and produced in much lower qualities than the precious gemstones.

When purchasing a gemstone, we wouldn't suggest getting too caught up on if the stone is precious versus semi-precious. All gemstones are precious, in the sense that if they provide meaning and value to you in a piece of jewellery, they are special! Bear in mind that colours are subjective and a piece of jewellery is emotional.


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