Raise energy levels: it is very well-known that positive ions can rob the body from much of its energy. No wonder we can sometimes feel so exhausted after finishing a task which involved the use of a laptop or watching a TV show even for an hour. Because these electronic devices are responsible for releasing positive ions into the air, a salt lamp is more than welcomed inside one's house. Negative ions, which the lamps emit, can make one feel more energetic, offering people a feeling similar to that of being in nature, surrounded by trees and breathing fresh air.

Help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and even some allergies: salt, in general, can absorb water. However, what a salt lamp can do is absorb it directly from the air where there is a multitude of dust particles that are the main responsible for numerous allergies. Even in the most severe cases when one has asthma, he or she can notice an improvement in the overall condition within weeks after buying the lamp and using it. Moreover, the Himalayan salt became so appreciated by people from all over the world, that various companies that activate in the domain have started producing Himalayan salt inhalers.

Enhance your sleep pattern: the salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. This means the air quality is drastically improved with their help. It is well-known that an air rich in dust particles and any toxic compound for that matter is linked to a poor night rest and irregular sleep patterns. This happens because the positive ions present in it reduce the blood flow to the brain. A weak oxygenation process usually means there is more stress involved, which is one of the factors that can impact the brain's health in the long term. Also, some people cannot sleep well unless there is at least one source of light inside the room. The weaker that source, the better, so a Himalayan salt lamp is great for this as well. In spite of the numerous colors that range from white to orange, the lamps emit a similar amount of light which is dim enough as not to disturb.

Reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed: aside from its negative ions, the salt lamp emits a calm light for which reason you are likely to find one in a therapist's office for sure. The color offers a sensation of warmth that will surely make one feel more at ease and relaxed. Furthermore, the objects are also used in chromotherapy, a kind of therapy that involves the use of colors as a means to balance the body's physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Make you feel better: again, the combination of the compounds it releases and its natural color turns a Himalayan salt lamp into a right help for people who struggle to improve their mood. Many of the studies conducted on the negative ions' manner of action have associated them with an increase in the levels of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness. People suffering from depression or anxiety can benefit from owning it.

Increase concentration and enhance the thinking process: researchers claim that negative ions are truly wondrous and for a good reason. Most often than not, even a short time exposure to them can improve the blood flow; especially that directed towards the brain. The amount of oxygenated blood increases focus and provides one with a clearer thinking process.

Improve blood flow: the brain is not the only organ that benefits from the negative ions' effect. When the blood flows better towards one part of the body, it is only natural for it to do so with any other organ, be it the heart, lungs or kidneys. This way, the vascular system will enjoy a good overall health with lowered risks of disease occurrence shortly.

Ease coughing and improve the respiratory system's health: Aside from absorbing dust and smoke particles from the air, Himalayan salt can also absorb germs whose presence strongly influences one's health, especially in the winter time. When one is more prone to catch a cold, these tiny contaminants enter the respiratory system and bring about a lot of common cold symptoms such as coughing or sneezing. In spite of them being annoying rather than severe, it is always better to keep them as far from our lungs as possible. A Himalayan salt lamp might be the solution in this case as well. When the bulb inside it heats up, the same thing happens with the block of salt as well. This way, it can release negative ions once with the evaporated water. +91-9013024496 Contact Us

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